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The C Cut

The C - cut maneuver is done with both skates on the ice. The C - cut push is usually executed by pushing the outside skate (and leg) against the inside edge of the blade while gliding on the inside skate.

THE BACKWARD C - CUT: When skating backward the C - cut push cuts the letter "C" into the ice. The following explanation uses the left leg for power (pushing leg) and the right leg for direction (gliding leg).

Start by pivoting the pushing (left) skate at a right angle to the gliding (right) skate which is pointed straight backward along the direction of travel. The skates are now in a reverse and upside down "L" position. Push the left skate and leg first to the front, then out to the side, then back. To complete the push you must recover the skate and leg inward to the midline of the body. During the entire maneuver the gliding skate travels backward in a straight line.

When skating straight backward the C - cut push IS the push of the backward stride. It also is the very important first push of backward crossovers and backward crossover starts.

All hockey players need to be comfortable skating backward as well as forward. When you can skate backward with speed and mobility you can be counted on during power plays and in short handed situations. Think of how much more ice time you'll get. Think of how valuable you'll become to your team!

SPEED is the name of the game. The C - cut push is one of the important components of speed