Providing hockey and skating opportunities for the boys and girls of Northwestern Connecticut.

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Rink Rules


Our children play at some of the most prestigious Preparatory Schools in the country.  We are guests of these facilities.  Please adhere to the following rules:


  1. Parents, you are responsible for your children. It is not a place for you to watch practice or a game while your children run free;
  2. There is no running allowed;
  3. Roller blades are not allowed;
  4. No off ice hockey playing will be allowed anywhere in Canterbury, South Kent, or Rumsey Hall and there will be no off ice hockey allowed to be played during games at Linen;
  5. There are no noise makers (cow bells, horns etc) allowed at the rink, this is not only rink policy but a CHC policy;
  6. There is no ball, soccer or basketball playing in the lobby or rink area. This includes the basketball and squash courts in Canterbury or any other facility on any school campus.
  7. Each parent was to have signed a Code of Conduct along with their child, please adhere to these rules. Remember it is only a game! Please do not yell at referees, players, coaches or fans. There will be only one warning for this activity to stop, after that you will be asked to leave the rink. If that happens you will be subject to other disciplinary action by the board;
  8. Please keep the halls, lobby and locker rooms clean. There are trash cans available, please use them;
  9. If your team is playing the next game and the kids are watching the current game, please do not let them kick the boards. This goes for when the kids are on the bench too;
  10. Please be respectful to the rink staff members. Remember, we are their guests;
  11. If you are a time keeper or scorer, please remember you are a minor official of the game. If a coach, parent or player addresses you in a hostile manner, please advise the referee immediately. It is ONLY the referee’s responsibility to address the situation with the offender. Also, please do not address your child while he/she is on the bench;
  12. Please watch your speed on campus as there are a lot of pedestrians;
  13. Remember, shoplifting is a crime and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Anyone caught stealing will not be allowed back to the rink.